About Me

(Photo: Karin Heitzman)

My sewing journey began way back in junior high school, when I took a Home Ec class and made an orange pillow shaped like a skateboard. (Thankfully I have no remaining pictures of said item.) It turned out okay, I guess, and I must have had fun making it because I signed up for another sewing class. This time I got to pick what I made, and I chose a skirt. A heavy, gathered, long, black skirt with a zipper. It was hideous. I finished the class and the project and donated the skirt to charity. C’est la vie.

During winter break of my freshman year in college, my older sister and I got a crazy idea to make T-shirt quilts. We each had a ton of sentimental T-shirts from sports teams we’d been on, concerts we had attended, family vacations, and the like. We made a rectangular template out of cardboard and (with, I’m sure, some help from Mom) got to work cutting and sewing. They turned out really neat, and I used mine on my bed all through college.

Then I didn’t even touch a sewing machine for about … oh … twenty years. I inherited my grandmother’s old Singer Touch & Sew along with the manual and paperwork showing that she purchased it in 1968. I held onto it but didn’t really use it until my daughter started dance classes and I had to alter her costume (I still can’t believe they expect parents to know how to do that stuff!). The machine wasn’t working right, and it gave me fits, but I finished the alterations and they looked at least as good as any of the other kids’.

My first sewing project since college: a pink pillow mattress (Photo: Amy Witty)

But my real (and recent) sewing breakthrough happened in the spring of 2012, when I discovered Pinterest. (Okay, I’m laughing to myself now because while writing this I went to the site to grab my link and got distracted for about 20 minutes.) And specifically, this link. I thought to myself, “I could make that.” And so, with a little encouragement from some friends, I did. And then I made another one. When my sewing machine broke down for good, I bought a used Janome DC2010 on eBay, and I suddenly realized how easy a lot of things are with a modern sewing machine (needle threading, bobbin winding, etc.). I started searching Pinterest for easy sewing projects. I found that I have a love for bags, especially zipper pouches. And I have a new obsession with fabric: Lotta Jansdotter, Amy Butler, Sweetwater, Cotton + Steel, and others.

I hope you will enjoy following along with me on my sewing and crafting journey. I don’t know how much original content I will have — mostly I make things from tutorials I have found that others poured their hard work and ingenuity into creating. And I may diverge from the sewing thing every once in a while. And you may get tired of my incessant ranting about my favorite fabrics. I won’t hold it against you!

If you enjoy my site, please feel free to drop me a line at amy [at] wittystitches [dot] com. It would be fun to hear from you!